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Do you believe God cares about our daily lives?

In my head I believe He does, but in practical reality it’s a little more complicated. I want to share a personal story that just reminded me of what a very personal God He truly is, if you’ll allow me.

Last week, we moved out of our rental house and into a travel trailer. We chose not to renew the lease, as our house renovations were supposed to be nearer to complete than they are at the moment.

Change, even good change, can be stressful

Moving out was more difficult emotionally for all of us than I anticipated, coming on the heels of our major cross country move last summer. My Sophie girl in particular struggles with change, and leaving Florida last year was traumatic for her.

These new changes had me worried about how she would react (and truthfully, how I would react). The last morning we had at the rental house, I dropped my girls off at daycare, as usual, in a hurry to go get the packing finished.

Then the unexpected happened

This little incident stopped me in my tracks. One of the little boys at daycare came racing up: “Sophie, Sophie! I found your zebra!!” My daughter and I looked at each other, and her eyes were mirroring mine. Unshed tears shiny with unbelief, raw emotion, and hope. She hugged both the little boy and the zebra hard, and then promptly handed her little buddy to me for safe keeping.

You see, about a month ago Sophie lost her very favorite little zebra who has been with her since she was tiny. We looked everywhere, and couldn’t find him. Nathan and I finally decided he must have fallen out of the car accidentally. We didn’t tell her, but we thought he was gone forever.

I know it’s a small thing, but it was big to us.

I walked out of the daycare that morning stunned, holding a tiny little stuffed zebra that meant the world to my sweet girl. If you knew that little boy, you would know this is a God thing. Apparently the zebra went home with him one night. I don’t know why. I do know that should have been the end of little zebra. Nothing at all against this little guy – but he’s a little boy, emphasis on little and boy 😎

Instead, on a morning when it really mattered, he found that toy, remembered it was Sophie’s, and brought it back to her. On a week that I was struggling, worrying about my babies, and doing my best to care for them emotionally and physically, God touched our world with a little boy and a zebra.

He cares.

About mommas, children, and even little zebras. Whatever you’re going through today, He cares about you.

Lynn Hughes

Lynn Hughes


Hi, my name is Lynn. I am a former piano teacher, creative copywriter, and daughter of the King. I have two little girls, a husband I love dearly, and a stack of books to read someday that is taller than I am. I love dark coffee, wholesome living, and well-crafted words.