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Write. Work. Learn. Listen. Make. Live free.

I scribbled the words on my notepad, feeling like they were lofty and unattainable ideals for my life.

One week later, I was unexpectedly out of a job. And suddenly, those random scribbles were making a lot more sense.

See, there’s something I’ve been passionate about for a long time:

Helping small business owners market their businesses in local, sustainable ways that make sense for them. Both online and in real life. Writing the words that sell their products and ideas.

The heart and soul of every town are the local business owners, the “little people.”

Their success is invaluable to the entire community.

I know, because I’ve been a local business owner.

Because I have friends who are the “little people.” And because I’ve spent most of my life in small towns full of Mom and Pop businesses.

For nearly a decade now, I’ve studied marketing, read an astonishing amount of material, taken classes, amassed certifications.

It’s time to get off the fence and do what I truly love, and help the people I love.

Here’s a little of what that looks like:
-Web page content writing
-Social media setup and content planning
-Printed marketing materials
…for hometown businesses and creatives.
Here’s what I have:
-A couple of clients
-A knack for words and statistics
-God’s gentle thumb in my back telling me to get moving.

Now. How can I help you? Do you have a question I could answer?